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We will look after your house, as if it was one of my own.

Welcome to The Property Shoppe.  Founded by Lynnette Butler in 2008,  Based in Richmond, The Property Shoppe offers a complete range of investors services throughout the Nelson area, from cost-efficient rental property management, through to property consultation & financial education  and property service referrals

Our difference is very clear – we are a team of motivated people, who work together to provide the very best property investment service. 

Meet our team and see how our various areas of expertise will help you get the most from your property portfolio. We care about our people, be they the property owners, or the occupiers.  And we work very hard to keep those relationships at the highest level.

That is why I have put my own name on the business, because I stand behind my team, and our promise to you, that:

we will look after your house, as if it was one of my own.

With our unique point of difference, when we say we will manage your property - we don't mean as a third party - we mean that we represent the OWNER in all decisions made about the property.  With full rental property management, as well as offering a casual letting service, we can meet the your needs as an investment property owner, whether that's in choosing a tenant, maintaining your property, or doing a full renovation.  Use our knowledge, our trades and professional persons networks, and our very own user-pays pricing system to get the BEST VALUE rental property management available.  We

manage properties throughout Nelson, Stoke, Richmond, and including Mapua, Motueka and Dovedale. 

Would you like to become a property investor - but have no idea where to start?  Let me get you going - with a good sensible viewpoint, and an excellent network of specialist advisors such as lawyers and accountants who will help start you as a property investor here in NZ.  I have my own property portfolio, based largely here in Nelson, and I am available to educate you onto the First Base on your own property portfolio - and then help you finish with a HOME RUN!

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"Lynette has managed two properties for us over the past three years. Prior to this we managed the properties ourselves with disastrous results!! Lynette has taken all the stress away from property management. She keeps us fully informed, selects great tenants, and maximises the rental that we receive. All the paperwork is done by her - Yeah!!! For no stress property management I highly recommend Lynette and Jo."