New Zealand Investment Property and Mortgages for Overseas Buyers

My off-shore clients buy for a variety of reasons, for example, expatriates who intend to return to New Zealand at some stage but wish to buy now, expatriates that have higher incomes overseas and wish to put that income to good use, non-residents who wish to emigrate to New Zealand and of course people who think that NZ offers great opportunities for property investment - nil capital gains taxes, no stamp duties, and generous depreciation schedules make NZ a great place to invest in property!

Generally, the aspects of the deal remain the same as for NZ borrowers, the banks will want to know that you can service the mortgage, that you are of sound character, and have a suitable deposit.  Minimum deposit is 20%, some lenders require a greater contribution.

so, whether you are a kiwi living abroad or looking to emigrate to New Zealand we can help wherever you are in the world. Contact Me for more information on how I can assist you.

Lynnette has been fantastic! Right from the beginning she provided information and advice well beyond the call of duty. She was invaluable at explaining the many different aspects of entering the housing market, how to make sense of all the different forms and legal information, as well as recommending a range of professionals to assist with home insurance and accountancy. Lynnette always makes herself available to talk through issues, particularly at crucial timing points throughout the purchase of our first property. And what’s more she’s great fun to work with! I have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending her.