Our Processes:

Entering Manaement Contract                   Tenanting Your Property


Process To Enter Management Contract With The Property Shoppe

There are 2 ways that most of our properties have signed up, in person, and over the phone and internet.

1.        In person.  Arrange a visit to the property (or to meet with Lynnette elsewhere), and Lynnette can give you a rent appraisal, and show you through the management contract, step by step.

2.       Over the phone/internet.  If in-person does not suit your situation, you can download the management contract from this website, and Lynnette will go through the contract with you over the phone. There is also a list of further information that Lynnette will gather about you and your property, so we can better meet your needs.  The contract can then be either faxed or emailed back to The Property Shoppe.  Fax number is +64 3 543-9220, or email

Marketing of the property does NOT start until the management contract has been signed and returned


Yes!!  I wish to start this process and list my property!


1. email Lynnette and request a meeting or,

2.  download and fax contract



Process to Tenant Your Property

We like to start advertising 2.5 weeks before vacancy.  If you are purchasing a new rental property, it helps if you can organise access for showing tenants prior to your possession date (although we can work around this if we need to).

We advertise on Trade Me, our own website, and in the Nelson Mail.  If appropriate, we have 'To Rent' signage to go on the property.

We prefer to show tenants in an 'Open Home' environment - making the most of the access and our time to show more than one tenant prospect at a time.

Applicants complete a 2 page application form.

The application is vetted.  We complete credit checks, identification verification (if possible), and call a minimum of one, but usually at least two referees.  The referees we seek are generally previous/existing landlords and employers.  If the applicant is in a younger age group, we generally request a parent to be guarantor.

The tenancy is offered to the best applicant.  Sometimes this means it is held for a period of 2 days while the tenant organises bond, however we continue marketing the property in these cases in case the offer is not accepted.

Tenancy paperwork is completed as soon as possible.  Bond of 4 weeks is requested, as well as rent in advance.

In-going inspection is done the day of/before the tenancy starts, keys are NOT GIVEN until bond has been received.  Tenant receives a manual covering their obligations to the tenancy, and complete landlord contact details.

First inspection is completed 3-6 weeks after start of tenancy.  This checks how the new tenant is living in the house, and finds any maintenance issues that may have shown themselves.  Tenants love this - it shows we care that the home is up to scratch for them.

Tenancy begins its 3 monthly inspection cycle.


Yes!!  Please start to market my property!


1. email Lynnette and request a meeting or,

2.  download and fax contract