Lynnette Butler,
Personal Financial Fitness Trainer

So, you want to make some changes in your financial life - but don't know where to start?

Step 1. 
Get a WoFF - Warrant of Financial Fitness - an assessment of where you are at right now, and where you want to be.

Step 2. 
Get yourself a personalised Financial Roadmap of how to get to the financial future you desire.

Step 3. 
Get assistance to keep you on the right path, to achieve your financial goals.

Lynnette can be your financial trainer - and just like a fitness trainer at the gym.
You can use Lynnette on a regular basis - as a running partner, or on a monthly review basis.


What qualifies Lynnette to help you?

Lynnette and her husband took their personal financial position from being one where they could not afford to repay their home loan, to one where they own 10 properties.  Lynnette has been part of a nationwide 'franchise' where she learned many concepts around marketing and branding, as well as ultimately the process of stepping out of a business and restarting with a new brand.  Lynnette's story has been published in the book 'How to Get Rich Rewards in Real Estate in 3 Years' and also more recently in the NZ Property Investor Magazine (Feb 2010)


What does it cost?

Lynnette is available for personal training at a rate of $50/half-hour.  Group bookings are welcome, at a rate of $120/hour.  Lynnette is also available to speak to groups (by arrangement).


1.  WoFF
2.  Roadmap
3.  Roadside Assistance

Lynnette has an extraordinary level of understanding regarding property investment related financing. She is approachable, easy to have discussions with, and has an innate ability to positively reframe a situation to encourage clients to look at different angles where necessary to enable them to move forward. She is also a real asset to the Her Business Network Nelson, with her tireless encouragement of women's development in business and investment