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Property Management Services for Owners:                                      (for tenants)

10 reasons we are the right company to manage your house/s (link)

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At Last!  Someone that will act in YOUR best interests without you having to down tools and do it yourself!

                              No more phone calls late at night!

                 No more minor maintenance issues to find repairmen for!

Let The Property Shoppe take all the stress out of
managing your property portfolio - remember -

Why Are Our Property Management Services Special?

- Because I have had a "That is IT!!" moment too!!

It was 2007, and I had had enough of tenants interrupting my daily work, and maintenance issues arising when I was working to my mortgage brokering deadlines.

So I put some of my properties into Management by local companies. 
I soon found that the service provided by others didn't meet my needs - how could it - my property decisions were being made by employees - by people who did not have the same requirements for the property that I did!  I needed the property looked after - and the rent paid.  I wanted prompt action whenever required, and to know that the occupants of my houses had been checked out thoroughly.  I found that unoccupancy was high, and there was too much tolerance for missed rent payments.  I found on one property there hadn't even been an in-going property inspection!!

It was crazy! - I had looked after all my properties far better than this when I didn't have the time to do it properly!!  My solution?  I employed an assistant to act as my own property manager - on an hourly rate, to look after my houses in the way I would if I had time to do them myself. 

From this beginning, The Property Shoppe was born.

The Property Shoppe now offers this service to you – the busy property owner, who does not want to make the daily decisions, yet requires a reasonable return from your properties. 

I will act in your capacity, and my property manager will implement it.  Simple. 

At all times I have my property manager reporting to me about the daily happenings on the houses, and I advise the course of action I wish to take, and it happens.

Get your FREE 15min Rent Appraisal requested now!

We have three pricing plans to choose from:

My vision is to provide value-based EFFECTIVE management of your rental properties.

I can’t promise the world, because it’s not always in my power to deliver it, but I can promise that

"I will look after YOUR house as if it was one of my own"

That means:

Our Key to success is:

  1. Only an owner can think like an owner - Lynnette owns her own properties, and can keep an owners perspective at all times when making decisions with rental properties.
  2. We recognize that no one person can have all the attributes required to be a top-performing property manager. We have split the role into two parts, tenancy manager (tenants/properties) and business manager (owners/problems)
  3. Low overheads.  With the internet revolution, property management no longer needs to be a retail business.  Overheads are cut SIGNIFICANTLY by operating a business from a back office, whilst advertising needs are met by a leading edge website and Trade Me listings. 


So if you are looking at this page today because you have had a “That is IT!” moment, please give me a call, or use our contact me feature here on this website, and hand your property worries over to a caring, responsible company who WILL act in YOUR best interests.

All calls which do not connect with me personally are diverted to my call centre who will take a detailed message on my behalf, and pass on by email.  If you are able to provide your email address, I WILL be in contact with you within 24hours.  Please also leave your cell phone number so I can get back to you sooner if I am able.



Proud to be a member of the

Independent Property Managers Association (IPMA)

Some of the benefits of choosing an IPMA approved property manager are:

Go to IPMA website

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10 Reasons We Are The Right Company To Manage Your House/s

  1. We own our own property - we can truly represent you at all times - AS YOU WOULD IF YOU WERE DOING THE JOB
  2. We always hold our owners interests above even our own - we represent you in the landlord-tenant formula - and are not just a 3rd party clipping the ticket. We mean what we say when we say  "we'll look after your property as if it was one of our own".
  3. We are a 2 manTEAM - we don't act independently, and use each others strengths to deliver a superior service
  4. We are NOT personally paid by commission - therefore we will not be tempted to take on more than we can manage.  Our system is designed to fit more property managers on when the work load gets too great.
  5. We routinely acheive higher rental incomes than others do - using our unique marketing formula of price ranging and open homes.
  6. We regularly use fixed term tenancies as a tool to acheive more stable tenants.
  7. We have a thorough tenant selection process, and unless authorised otherwise, will ALWAYS collect a 4 week bond.  Afterall - its in YOUR best interests!!
  8. We will travel - if your house is a little out of town thats fine too, we just add on a vehicle charge when we visit the property, and treat it just the same as our other listings!
  9. We have flexible contracts - and can work with: standard tenancies, room by rooms, furnished houses, and even short-term and casual lets.  (Ask about our new hybrid service for our out-of-region properties.)
  10. We are accredited property managers with a loss of rent insurance policy available to our owners - we can organise comprehensive insurance cover against loss of rent, abandoned property, malicious damage by tenants, and P-labs.

and just because we believe in going the extra mile here's one more -

11.   we also offer a free consultation on how to improve the rent return on your property. 
        Either ask Lynnette to do a rent appraisal now, or download Lynnette's report now.





I will look after your house as if it was one of my own

"With her knowledge and experience in the property investment market Lynnette has been a great help to us with starting off our own property investment project. Her understanding of setting up the correct structures and in managing these has been invaluable. Add to that her bright and breezy approach to things and looking for solutions to each situation it’s been great dealing with her."  L Stewart, Nelson