How to improve YOUR chances of getting the house you want to rent

This list will help you get in the door - so to speak! 

Present yourself honestly on the day, and be prepared to complete an application form.  Prudent landlords will do credit and reference checks, so expect this. 

1.       Keep your credit history clean - always pay your bills on time

2.       If your credit is already damaged, tell the landlord this, and the reason why/how your credit rating became damaged, and how long ago, and what you have done about it since.

3.       Have a bond ready to go - bonds are usually 4 weeks rent PLUS the letting fee*  AND the first week's rent - ie approx 6 weeks rent required BEFORE entry to house

4.       Bring along all intended occupants of the house - ie your kids, or parents, or flatmates, even the dog if you have one (leave it in the car though!!)

5.       Bring your drivers licence with you or some other photographic id, such as passport

6.       Be prepared with contact details of referees and previous landlords

7.       Offer to have rent paid direct from employer or bring Automatic Payment form to collect landlords bank details.  These forms are available at your bank.

8.       Fully disclose any pets or intention to get pets - kidding the landlord does no-one any favours here - and these things always get found out

9.       If you have pets, offer a pet reference from previous landlord, and/or extra bond.

10.    A referral from an existing neighbour would be a nice touch - especially if you are looking at a property where there are neighbours in close proximity

11.    Offer a guarantor if you are new to renting and cannot offer a landlord reference.  A guarantor must be prepared to accept responsibility (including financial) for the tenancy should problems arise between you and your landlord.  Usually a guarantor is a parent.

12.    Take out contents insurance INCLUDING tenant's liability extension** - and show it to your prospective landlord.


* Letting Fees can be charged by professional renting agencies and help cover the costs of reference checking, and start expenses for new tenancies.  A week's rent PLUS gst is the standard fee charged.

** Tenant's Liability Insurance covers your personal liability for damage that may occur in a house that you are a tenant of.  Effectively this cover will protect your bond, but more importantly, it will cover you for any serious damage over and ABOVE your bond.

Link to article - Why tenants should have liability insurance


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